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The Wyff’r is a single-handed flip top cap for your favorite cleaners, that's both easy to open and effortless to close.

The Complete Wyff'r Set includes all THREE SIZES, each designed to fit all major brands. A glow in the dark button seals a hole roughly the same size as your bottle's opening, allowing for maximum aromatic indulgence. Also included is a cap keeper to make holding onto your solvent's original cap even easier.

Check out our Explainer Video plus a full interactive list of Wyff'r features.

Product Details

Contains: 3 Caps (1x each size)

Size/Color: Small / Yellow
Bottle Shape: Round
Typical Volume: 15ml
Specs: 18/400 Thread Finish
EXCLUSIVE Brand: Double Scorpio™

Size/Color: Medium / Red
Bottle Shape: Round / Square
Typical Volume: 10ml - 30ml
Specs: 20/400 Thread Finish
Popular Brands: Rush™, Blue Boy™, etc.

Size/Color: Large / Grey
Bottle Shape: Round / Square
Typical Volume: 30ml
Specs: 22/400 Thread Finish
Popular Brands: International / Online bottles

** Cleaners Not Included **

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