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How great would it be if everything worked perfectly every time, all the time?!  Well, unfortunately, that's not the reality of our world, so we have to be understanding that while we want our cake and eat it too, there are limitations. 

Over the course of two years, the Wyff'r has gone through countless iterations until our final design, which in no way is by definition perfect, it's a hell of a lot better than the alternatives, which are none.

With that said, we feel it's important to convey a few points in particular to help satisfy any questions you may have to better aid you in making your buying decisions.

When Size Matters

The Wyff'r was designed with a 20-400 thread finish, which means it will fit MOST bottles produced by major manufactures as this is a standardized and popular measurement. With that said, however, like anything else requiring a precise fit, one size can not fit all. If there is any concern that your bottles may have a unique thread count (especially if you purchase your bottles internationally and/or from boutique suppliers), then you will want to consider ordering the Complete Wyff'r Kit.

Resistant vs. Proof

First and foremost, Spill-Resistant and Spill-Proof are not one and the same. No open bottle is spill-proof, nor is the Wyff'r, so let us be clear in that while our product is designed to curb the chance of spilling, in no way is it spill proof!

Chemical Reactions

Because it is at our customer's discretion which liquids they bottle, the chemical makeup of said fluids can vary significantly. Due to this fact, the potential of corrosion absolutely exists and should be expected. It's important to be aware of that possibility as it relates to the lasting integrity of your cap; it is not indefinite.

Material Science

So why isn't the Wyff'r just made of the same hard material as the cap that came with the bottle in the first place you ask?  Well, the answer is simple, flexibility. In order for the Wyff'r cap to function as a one handed flip top lid, the material in which the cap is made from, must lend itself to being pliable.

The native cap, which your bottles were sold with, are made from phenolic resins. Phenolic is short for Phenol Formaldehyde and non-chemically reactive in nature. When exposed to corrosive or harmful chemicals over time, phenolic caps will not give out in the same way other polymers might. This, of course is the appropriate cap for both storage and transportation; it is not, however, malleable by any means and thus couldn't not function in the same matter as the Wyff'r does.

To that point, never discard the cap which your bottle was sold with. Always replace the Wyff'r with your bottle's native cap after each use; especially during storage and transportation.


Below you will find a number of Best Practices you should follow as it relates to your Wyff'r in relation to the bottle it's attached to:

  • The Wyff'r should never be left on the bottle for an extended period of time
  • Keep the bottle in an upright position at all times
  • Always replace the red storage cap after each use
  • Never should the Wyff'r be used during transportation or storage
  • When shaking the bottle, hold the top down securely with your finger
  • Do not overtighten the Wyff'r as this may morph the shape of the cap
  • The Wyff'r isn't intended to last forever so replace as needed
  • Should the inner gasket dislodge itself from the cap, re-insert the rubber washer with the beveled side pointing away from the bottle, towards the flip top lid

Wyff'r is not intended for long-term storage nor is it suitable for travel.
Always reunite your bottles native cap after every use.

The WYFF'R is sold as a novelty only, not for medical use. No therapeutic benefits are claimed of any kind, either expressed or implied.

Skunky PunkTM does not warrant or guarantee the suitability of this product for any particular purpose.