The Skunky Punks

The Skunky Punks blog is your go to resource for all things gay. Our curated articles cover a wide variety of topics in and around the bedroom, sex clubs, dating, and general sexual health and wellness.

Maintained by our resident Punks, each with their own personality and sexual experiences to share with you. Jake, our blue-eyed boy, covers all things LGBT+ community. Rowdy, a true vers, loves to share his passions for sports, toys, and roles. Loki is our non-binary fashionista, instilling confidence in us each day. Darius is everyone’s dream Daddy, as long as you’re on his good side! Kurt is good with his hands (paws?)–our DIY king who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. And Puck is into it all, our go to for all things kinky!

Check out the punks full bios below and read up on their tips and tricks. We’re here to help you improve your sex life, and general wellness, so let us know what you’d like to learn next, nothing is off limits for the Skunky Punks.