Maximize Effects — Minimize Casualties

Say goodbye to those damn caps that ruin your night.

Scroll down to see how Wyff'r will make your life a hell of a lot easier.

Twist Caps Suck

Simple Solution

Spills Spoil The Fun

Get a Wyff'r

Single Handed Control

The Wyff'r is both easy to open and effortless to close.

Freeing your favorite scents without the fear of major spills.

Worth every penny, the Wyff’r pays for itself with the first fumble.

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Butt Stuff

Lights Out!

The Wyff'r Button Seal is made of a glow in the dark rubber making it easier for you to find in the dark. For best results, charge the seal under bright light for at least five minutes before setting the mood.

Also, the softness of the rubber seal provides an extra layer of protection from leaks.

Don't use both hands when you only need one!


Keeping it Clean!

I need one now!

Explore each feature below

Agh, it Burns when I...

Not anymore. Burning in your eyes and nose will be a distant memory. Why? Because you’re getting a Wyff’r!


Size Matters

Get the Complet Set

* Avoid pouring in crotch

For a complete list of Best Practices, Expectations and Understandings, please read all Disclaimers before ordering.

When Size Matters

Worried the Wyff'r may not fit your cleaners at home? We've got an easy way to figure that our regardless of the solvent brands you already own.

Wyff'r Size Guide

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