Size Comparison

When it comes to pleasure, size matters. We’ve made the below guide to help you find the right size Wyff’r for the cleaners you already own. Remember, to work effortlessly and avoid spills, they are designed specifically to fit bottles based on the size of the original bottle's cap.

We’ve all seen those pics that use a beer can or remote control for size comparison. Well, this is the same idea, but instead of measuring girth and length, we’re looking at the circumference of your hole… well the circumference of your cleaner's bottle cap to be exact.

The easiest way to figure out which size Wyff’r is right for you is to grab your sealed bottle, a penny, a nickel, and a quarter. Place the coins on top of the original bottle cap one by one:

If a PENNY matches the size of your existing cap...

You’ll want our SMALL WYFF'R




And a QUARTER matches our LARGE WYFF'R

Please note, use these coins as gauge of your bottles EXISTING cap, not the Wyff’r cap, so keep that in mind

Also note, when it comes to sizing your Wyff'r, bigger isn’t better! In this case, the correct fit will result in the best experience—less spills, more thrills!

If you’re worried about fit, or have multiple favorite brands, stay tuned for our COMPLETE SET which includes all three sizes of Wyff’r.