Instructions Below

Our number one goal is to produce the best product possible for you to enjoy more thrills and less spills. Over the course of two years, we made countless iterations to bring you the Original Wyff'r in March 2020, which was the first and only flip top cap on the market at that time. Only a year later brought other companies with their own 3D printed version of our Wyff'r — we're proud not only for being first to market, but now, we're also the best on the market as well!

Even as the best, there are a few points we need to share:

Size Matters

The Wyff’r comes in three sizes for a reason. Bottles have varied thread counts and so does the Wyff’r (see size guide). We designed these caps to create a tight fit for most bottles on the market. 

Size/Color: Small / Yellow
Bottle Shape: Round
Typical Volume: 10ml - 15ml
Specs: 18/400 Thread Finish

Size/Color: Medium / Red
Bottle Shape: Round / Square
Typical Volume: 15ml - 30ml
Specs: 20/400 Thread Finish

Size/Color: Large / Blue
Bottle Shape: Round / Square
Typical Volume: 30ml
Specs: 22/400 Thread Finish

Please be aware, if you purchase solvents from boutique suppliers there is a chance their bottles may not be among those bottle specification above.


We designed the Wyff’r to reduce spills, especially major ones. The Wyff’r is not spill-proof because that would mean aroma proof too. In order for you to have access to the aroma, the bottle (and cap) must be open, and any open bottle can spill. We hope that by allowing for single-handed use, the chance of spills are fewer and further between.

Chemical Reactions & Material Science

The solvents and chemicals inside each bottle vary greatly. While Wyff’r is designed to keep them inside the bottle, deterioration and corrosion are possible. Extended use and exposure to may reduce the functionality of the cap.

A solvent's original cap doesn’t deteriorate or corrode, but it also isn’t flexible. These cap are made of phenolic resins which are non-chemically reactive in nature and designed for long term storage and transportation of the chemicals inside the bottle. The Wyff’r is designed for easy use in the heat of the moment. To accomplish this, we designed the Wyff’r using softer materials that can protect from leaks while still giving access to your favorite aromas with a single-handed flip motion.



  1. Unscrew the original cap from your bottle
  2. Screw the Wyff’r onto the bottle *do not over-tighten*
  3. Pull the bungee off the top and down the back of the cap
  4. The rubber sleeve may be slid down from the cap if desired
  5. Using your thumb, pop the top open and click it back closed
  6. Remember to pull the bungee back into its lock position during storage and when traveling for added security

Optional Glow-in-the-dark Sleeve:
Before use, expose the glow in the dark cap sleeve of your Wyff'r to bright, direct light for +15 minutes for optimal glow effect. Know, it will not be as bright as a light, but with adequate charge time, the sleeve will glow.

Best Practices

  • When shaking the bottle, hold the top of the flip cap firmly with your finger
  • Designed for pleasure, not as a family heirloom. Replace as needed
  • We know you like it tight, but avoid over-tightening the WYFF'R! Doing so compresses the inner seal which can force the lid of the cap open.

It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of a product for any particular use. The entire risk as to the quality or performance of the product is with the customer. By purchasing products from the Company, the customer agrees to hold harmless, indemnify, protect and defend the Company and other third parties selling the product against any incident of action involving products purchased from the Company.

The Company's products are sold as novelties only, not for medical use. No therapeutic benefits are claimed of any kind, either expressed or implied. The Company does not warrant or guarantee the suitability of this product for any particular purpose.


Bottles and small parts, including our applicator caps should only be used for their intended purposes. Our applicator caps should always be replaced securely on bottles when not in use or discarded promptly. Do not use, put, or screw caps on other products, bottles or items, which could lend to spills resulting in serious personal injury or damage to property.